Lecture / In the Press / Awards

Teaching & Lecture


2017 Architecture school of Marrakech (ENAM), Morocco | Teaching. Introduction to Landscape architecture

2012 ENSP Versailles | 2.year students workshop:introduction to projects for territories

2012 Bauhaus, Dessau | Lecture and presentation of Blacksheepscape
Studio projects. Screening of the movie “Women in the Dirt”
of Carolann Stoney.



Competitions & Awards

2015 Cologneo I courtyards, Cologne, DE competition: 3rdPrize

2014 West Green Road Tropical park, London, UK
London in Bloom Silver Award

2014 Lennepark, Dresden, DE competition: 2ndPrize

2011 Gatow Airport, Berlin, DE competition: Finalist

2010 Cluster Descartes, Paris, FR competition: Finalist

2008 WSC, UK competition: Winning entry

2007 “The People’s Playground”, Blackpool, UK international competition: Winning entry

2004 Embassy of Poland, Berlin, DE competition: Winning entry

Enseignement et Conférences


2017  École d’Architecture de Marrakech (ENAM), Maroc | Enseignement. Introduction à l’architecture du paysage

2012 ENSP Versailles | Atelier étudiants de 2e année: introduction
au projet de territoire

2012 Bauhaus, Dessau | Conférence et présentation des projets
de Blacksheepscape Studio. Projection du film “Women in the Dirt”
de Carolann Stoney.



Concours & Récompenses

2015 Concours Cours de Cologneo I, Cologne, DE: 3ePrix

2014 West Green Road Tropical park, Londres, GB: London in Bloom Silver Award

2014 Concours Lennepark, Dresden, DE: 2e Prix

2011 Concours Aéroport de Gatow, Berlin, DE: Finaliste

2010 Concours Cluster Descartes, Paris, FR: Finaliste

2008 Concours WSC, GB: 1er prix

2007 Concours international “The People’s Playground”, Blackpool, GB: 1er prix

2004 Concours Embassade de Pologne, Berlin, DE: 1er prix